Taurida State Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad Oblast – is a pursuant of the artistic and cultural heritage of the «Tavricheskaya» orchestra and choir, which has been established by an Inter-parliamentary Assembly of Governments – members of CIS in celebration of 220 anniversary of the Tavricheskiy Palace and formed after a fashion of the collective that served to atheling Potemkin Gregory.

The orchestra consists of bright virtuoso musicians from different countries: the United States, Finland, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, most of whom are studying or graduated from The N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory. All of them are laureates of national and international competitions.

From the first projects the collective directed by Michael Golikovs has gained recognition by the industries’ professionals and viewer-ships. Main goal of the Taurida State Symphony Orchestra – is the promotion of the musical heritage of Russia and the world.

Taurida State Symphony Orchestra of Leningrad Oblast is a resident member of the «Music Night», «Pushkin’s Days of Russia», annual festival «Palaces of Saint Petersburg» and other numerous city and nation wide events.

The Orchestra is performing at the main stages of the city and the nation, leading an active touring work in Russia and abroad, producing 115 concerts annually. In the repertoire of the Orchestra symphonic music, choral genre, easy listening and popular classical music, film score, symphony jazz programs, ballet and opera, operetta. The Orchestra is a frequent participant of open-air events, which contain opera hits, popular classical music and film scores.

Moreover the collective, which is a creative union, is organizing the concerts, charity events and social event, actively taking part in creating and conducting cultural projects and charity events.

Official site of the Orchestra: www.tauridaorchestra.ru

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Anastasia Zaitceva
PR - manager & media relations officer of Taurida International Symphony orchestra
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